Our Constitution

On the 18th of November 2011, some 113 members of the judiciary, drawn from all court jurisdictions, signed the original Constitution of the Association of Judges of Ireland as founding members and thereby brought the AJI into being.

Predictably the Constitution specifies eligibility for membership of the Association and the procedure for joining. The AJIís mandate is spelt out in detail in a list of aims and objectives set out in Part B of the Constitution. In addition the Constitution specifies the structure of the organisation, and the general manner in which it is to be governed. It also provides that the Association is to be funded by membership fees and that it shall not raise or attempt to raise funds from individuals, from government or its institutions, from public corporations or from private associations or companies.

Finally, the Constitution contains a provision providing that it may be amended at a general meeting and that any such amendment shall require a majority of two thirds of the members of the Association present and voting.

Key documents can be downloaded below: