Our Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the AJI are set out in Part B of the Constitution of the Association of Judges of Ireland. They are:
a. To maintain and promote the highest standards in the administration of justice.
b. To promote the interests of its members in their professional capacity.
c. To promote the independence of the judiciary.
d. To promote the highest standards of judicial conduct amongst its members.
e. To promote the general interests of its members, including those interests arising upon retirement from the Bench.
f. To promote the exchange of ideas on the administration of justice.
g. To further the cultural intellectual and legal proficiency of its members.
h. To promote and maintain contacts with judges and magistrates abroad, with national and international associations and in particular national and international associations of judges.
i. To represent its members in any forum where that is necessary.
j. To own and manage the website of the Association, subject to and in accordance with any protocol in that regard adopted by the Association.