Judicial Assistants & Judicial Researchers

Judicial Assistants

The role of a judicial assistant is to provide assistance to a judge in the carrying of their judicial function. This includes providing assistance with court going activities, administrative and general support.

Some key duties may include the following:

  • To assist in keeping a diary for the judge of court appointments;
  • To maintain proper order in the courtroom and managing the judge’s chambers;
  • Collecting and delivery of correspondence and papers for the judge, photocopying, collecting and disposing of court files;
  • To act as a buffer between lawyers, litigants and judge.


Judicial Research Assistants

Judicial research assistants are employed by the Courts Service.
The Judicial Researchers’ Office constitute a mix of legal professionals (solicitors and barristers) and legal academics, each with complementing interests and qualifications. Judicial researchers work for judges of the High, Circuit and District Courts and the ambit of their research duties is not restricted to any one particular area. Their individual backgrounds and areas of interest mean that they can provide focused research in specific areas.

The role of a judicial research assistant includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

  • Preparing Research Memoranda (on discreet legal topics)
  • Proofreading
  • Bench Memoranda (Summary of Evidence)
  • Preparation for Conferences, Speeches & Publications
  • Compiling Hand-Books including District Court Handbooks