Statement from the European Association of Judges

In view of the recent personalised attacks and offensive criticism directed at Ms Justice
Aileen Donnelly reportedly emanating from sections of the Polish media, the European
Association of Judges expresses its total solidarity to all Irish Judges and, in particular, to
the concerned Colleague.

The European Association of Judges (EAJ) wishes also to strongly and unreservedly
condemn the unacceptable references to Ms Justice Donnelly’s personal and private life.
In a democracy any citizen is entitled to criticise a ruling of a court. However, the
disapproval should not be addressed in a manner that encourages a culture of disrespect
for the judiciary and, in any case, should never be directed at a judge personally but to the decision itself.

Finally, the European Association of Judges would like to emphasize the vital importance
of the independence of Judges in making decisions in a vibrant and plural democracy
which promotes equality and diversity.