Judges of the Circuit Court

[incl. the circuit to which they are assigned]
Judge Raymond Groarke, President of the Circuit Court [Western]
Judge Jacqueline Linnane [Dublin]
Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin [Cork]
Judge Gerald Keys [unassigned]
Judge Patricia Ryan [Dublin]
Judge James O’Donohoe [unassigned]
Judge Alice Doyle [South Eastern]
Judge Doirbhile Flanagan [unassigned]
Judge Terence O’Sullivan [unassigned]
Judge Thomas Teehan [unassigned]
Judge Rory P. MacCabe [unassigned]
Judge Martin E. Nolan [Dublin]
Judge Gerard Griffin [unassigned]
Judge Petria Mc Donnell [unassigned]
Judge Thomas E. O’Donnell [South Western]
Judge Sarah Berkeley [Dublin]
Judge Pauline Codd [Dublin]
Judge Keenan Johnson [Midland]
Judge Eugene O’Kelly [unassigned]
Judge Francis Comerford [unassigned]
Judge Karen Fergus [unassigned]
Judge Melanie Greally [Dublin]
Judge John Hannan [unassigned]
Judge Karen O’Connor [unassigned]
Judge Elma Sheahan [Dublin]
Judge Gerard O’Brien [Cork]
Judge John Francis Aylmer [unassigned]
Judge Sinéad Ní Chúlacháin [unassigned]
Judge Brian O’Callaghan [Cork]
Judge Cormac Quinn [unassigned]
Judge Susan Ryan [Dublin]
Judge Mary O’Malley Costello [Dublin]
Judge Patrick Meghen [South Western & Southern]
Judge Patrick Quinn [Eastern]
Judge Martina Baxter [unassigned]
Judge Eoin Garavan [unassigned]
Judge Kathryn Hutton [unassigned]
Judge James McCourt [unassigned]


Judge Rosemary Horgan, President of the District Court

Specialist judges:

Judge Mary N. Enright [South Eastern & Dublin] 
Judge Verona Lambe [Midland & Dublin]
Judge William G. Lyster [Western & Northern]