April 2022 – EAJ decision on the reform of the Italian Ordinamento


At its meeting of 29th April 2022 the European Association of Judges (EAJ) was informed about the ongoing parliamentary process in Italy regarding proposed changes to the legal regulations of the Ordinamento Giudiziario.

The EAJ cautions those promoting the measures that the envisaged changes to the law on the Ordinamento Giudiziario introducing, inter alia, a new system of assessment of judges and a personal performance file for every judge may be in conflict with European standards and may weaken the independence of the individual judge.

Any situation which would see judges being placed under undue pressure or subjected to political influence must be avoided. Equally it is important that the well-established independent position and efficiency of public prosecution should not be endangered.

The EAJ will therefore analyse the proposed amendments carefully and support their Italian colleagues in defending against any possible degradation.