Her Honour Judge Katherine Delahunt – 28 April 1956 – 1 April 2015

The month of April 2015 started on a sad note. On the first day of the month, usually a time of growth and renewal, we lost our colleague, Her Honour Judge Katherine Delahunt.  Katherine was the first female solicitor to be appointed to the Circuit bench and admitted herself to coming from a more commercial and civil background than criminal or family law practice.  That did not stop her from taking on the challenges of being a Circuit Judge and her move into criminal cases showed her to be fearless in dealing with the law, the practitioners and not least, the clientele! She was no shrinking violet and had no difficulty in getting to the point – a point that many of the people who came before her were desperate to avoid running into or being impaled on. 

Katherine was of course more than a solicitor or a judge. She was a beloved wife and partner with a family who will miss her terribly. The friends who attended at her wake and funeral and especially those who spoke so movingly about her are a testament to the friend she was to many people. Katherine never missed a good story and loved fun and it can only be hoped that she eavesdropped over the days following her passing when many good memories were recalled, perhaps polished, and shared. 

Katherine’s Circuit colleagues will miss her wisdom and her fun. During her illness she turned up where possible, whether for conference or dinner. It is not hard to pick which she enjoyed most but no doubt she valued the company at both (and any news that was available!). 

Katherine your judgments and judgement will live on and may you rest in peace.